Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Important Places

The City of Temples is ground zero for the mysterious blazing column of light that descends from the sky, bathing the city’s largest central temple in a glorious luminescence, permeating the entire city in blinding divine light. It is here the Lesser Heralds of the 2nd Legion and the Greater Heralds of the 1st Legion are based. Only the ordained are permitted within the walls. All touched by the light posses albino features, their faces hidden behind masks that shield their eyes. These are the Lightborn.

Under the banner of the Radiant Sun, The Greater Heralds are oath-sworn never to reveal their faces as they crusade against the remnants of decaying magic and hunt the now mortal pantheon of Aghori Blood Gods.

The tiered city. The only entrance to its upper levels is through a rise in status or increase in nobility. Five tiers ascend the floating marvel known only as the rock, from which it’s built.

At ground level and within the cast shadows of the rock are the Slums. Notorious for it’s cut throats and thieves guilds. It is here one will find the Skaag rookeries, for the beasts are not permitted within the city proper.

A central lift is the cities most prominent feature and serves as the primary access between it’s levels. Reserved exclusively for nobility and permitted merchants.

It is whispered that hidden behind their estate walls forbidden rites are practiced amongst the noble houses as the cultists offer sacrifice and worship to the Old Ones. Street urchins are regularly lured by recruiters with the promise of silver and luxury to work the estates above, most never return to the Slums.

High up on a bare mountain plateau sits an ancient ziggaraut city carved from the mountain rock upon which it sits. A labyrinthine system of booby-trapped passages and cave tunnels acts as the only entrance up to the plateau. It is here that all lineages of Armiger clans descend from.


A borderland stronghold and home to Forge Master Kragus. Famed and feared forger of Sentient blades.

The vile city of flesh corrupt, built into the remains of a dying Aghori Blood God. Where all needs are satiated. Home to the Thaumaturgs and their creation Vats. Blood, flesh and addiction are the currency here, but beware you may not leave. The city is a prolific exploration of dark desires. Pushing the boundaries of the flesh and the ecstasies it can endure. It is here within the Flesh Parlours, Amanaya- the Goddess of Love is to be found. Pimped and poised, a tragedy of desire. Her addictions many. Slave to any- for a fix.

Chained by the awakening of the flesh.

It is here that the roaming blood towers return upon each new moon to satiate the cities hunger.

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