Saturday, 4 April 2020

A big shout out to dark city games

Before my gaming group and I kickoff our Legends Of The Ancient World Campaign I thought this would be a great time to attempt my first interviews on the blog. Being a big fan of Dark City Games, and DCG being my gateway into The Fantasy Trip, I though who better to interview than both George Dew and Bret Winters, Founder and partner of Dark City Games. 

Both have been really encouraging of my endeavors with the blog and when I reached out to them with some ideas I had, they immediately showed their support by sending me some modules to play and review while also agreeing to interviews for this blog.

I can't tell you how much their support and encouragement means. Dark City Games is a life long passion project for George and Bret born out of their love for The Fantasy Trip, and their passion for the game is genuinely infectious.

SWORD & SHIELD: Strange Fascination: Melee, Wizard, and TFT

While The Fantasy Trip, being the books Melee, Wizard, In The Labyrinth, and the advanced versions of those game-books, were out-of-print, Dark City games revived The Fantasy Trip with their own retro clone, Legends of the Ancient World, becoming torch bearers for their beloved game so that The Fantasy Trip could live on with new support and products.

Dark City Games was created in 2005 to revive tabletop roleplaying games of Metagaming's "MicroQuest" genre. They produce terrific "programmed" solo adventures for their free rules sets which cover multiple genres, all of which are available as free PDF's on Dark City Games website.

I wish to thank them both for making this great game accessible to a new generation of gamers including myself.


  1. That is really cool of DCG! I look forward to the interview.

  2. Hey, thanks! I hope letting us into your house doesn't drive off the cool people!

  3. with my players disbanded these could be just what i need with this corona virus thing hitting town. i may have to order a couple. if your playing them then that is reason enough to try.



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