Tuesday, 31 March 2020

The Plains of Roke

The Plains of Roke consist of flat grasslands, with sharp stalks rising over 6 feet tall. The Plains are deemed sacred and the skins and hides of trespassers are staked out in the ground above the grasses to blow like tattered flags in the wind, a warning to all who would enter. The grass itself is thick and tall, and hides many things including entryways into sacred cairns and burrow-mounds beneath the earth. 

The Plains of Roke

Far below the Plains an ancient abandoned ritual site lies stretching into darkness. A dungeon deep, now inhabited by the Forsaken, followers of the Wyrm that have not yet been destroyed by the Ba'Roke. This place is cursed with petulance, for it is here the Consummation of the White Wolf occurred. No Ba'Roke are allowed to enter. It is forbidden.

A Forsaken follower of the Wyrm.

The plains are the Ancestral home of The Ba'Roke. Roaming tribes of shape-shifters that guard their ancestral lands with a devastating ferocity. They are followers of the White Wolf and invoke the old ways ways before the coming of the Wyrm.

To travel the plains one needs permission though it is not granted easily. If the Ba'Roke don't get you the wild Dire boars or deep sink holes just may.

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