Tuesday, 31 March 2020

The Nal'goth

The Nal'goth are an Old World Pantheon of Eldritch, god-like entities once known and worshiped throughout the Pre-awakened World. As timeless as the Womb Realms themselves, their worship far preceding the coming of the Aghori and their newly created deities, ascended to godhood through the rituals of blood magic before the Conjunctions Of Fate. The dying Aghori blood gods now roam the lands imprisoned in tortured flesh; hunted by man, their true natures forgotten. While it is whispered that the Nal'goth live on, hidden throughout the world, far away from the eyes of man and civilization.

There are still cultist cells today dedicated to the worship of the Great Old Ones, operating in total secrecy less they be deemed heretics and burnt at the stake by the Heralds Of Lighthaven, and it's Order Of The Light.

Varkruul - The White Wolf
God of the hunt and wilds. Birthed from the first moon.

The Dark Whale Once Chained
The preserver of innocence. Eater of pains.
Called from a distant star.

A'Mok - The Raven King
Rzulk of the Black Sun. Breather of shadows. The King of Roads.

Pa'Za'Zule - The Tentacled One
The Lurker deep below. The nameless one. Madness, raw & pure.

Priest Of The Tentacled One

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