Friday, 27 March 2020

Post Play Report- The Guild Wars

The Crimson Queen
After the destruction of the Grand Chapter of the Wizards guild an Almoot is called where it is discovered that the summons was cast by someone of great power from within the very walls of the chapter. That person more powerful than even the Grand Master himself, and known as Mazotz the Mage. Last seen in the midst of casting a teleport spell as explosions rocked the guild, explosions he is believed to have set off while the party was battling the Shadow Demon.

It seems other guilds throughout the city suffered similar explosions suffering great losses and it doesn't take long for news to spread that the culprit is a High Wizard of the Grand Chapter , as the Mechanicians, Thieves, and Mercenaries guilds mobilize and declare a war on the Wizards Guild.

The party are dismissed until further notice and hold up in their tavern as chaos and fear grips the streets. As the city burns a message arrives from the parties previous patron. Their services are needed if there is to be an end to the blood-shed.

As more Mercenaries answer the call to war against the wizards, a veritable army has arrived at the gates of the city, and this army has it's own wizards who follow no laws but the law of victory. And they carry a powerful item that could decimate the entire city. An item that only 10 days ago was sealed in a chest within the Grand Chapter of the Wizards guild.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 4.10.27 PM.png
An army of Mercenaries gather at the gates

The party decides to meet once again with their mysterious patron, if only to find out what they have gotten themselves mixed up in. It is during this meeting that they learn of The Crimson Queen and are tasked with awakening her......

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