Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Classes Of Almost

Genetically attuned to awakening and activating Ruathain (ancient Eldritch relics). They are able to directly harness the energies of Eldritch magic. But access to such incredible power comes at a cost. Archanics are highly feared and rarely openly display their devices.

Users of arcane powers and dark magics they can be devastating opponents. Their magic however comes at an extreme cost. The more the powers of the Ruathain are drawn upon the more the device embeds itself deeper into the users spinal chord and nervous system via small threadlike silver tendrils, eventually overtaking the host. This process over time transforms the users body into something alien. A process known as Re-morphosis. It could take a few years or decades for the change to be complete, depending on how often they draw power from their Ruathian.

Specializing in the use of blast powders and firearms. Armigers alone hold the secrets to the use and construction of firearms. All follow the code of upholding these secrets. To break the code is to be damned and hunted by the Armiger clans of Ridoom. Armigers never part with their firearms and should an Armiger fall an apprentice earns their place by retrieving the lost firearm and returning it the the clan elders. Each Armiger specializes in the use of one particular type (flint-lock pistol, arquebus, blunderbuss, gun-blade). The techniques of which are handed down to each Armiger through their clan leaders.

It is rumored that the clan leaders know the secret of making enchanted ammunition's.

Ferocious sell swords who save their fighting for when their getting paid. For the right commission they will take on the down and dirty work. These warriors are battle hardened and highly trained in the deadly and efficient in the use of armor and weapons.

Salvagers and tomb raiders with an uncanny knack for sniffing out Ruathain. Sharp senses, guile and stealth are their weapons of choice. Rarely noble, these pragmatic professionals seek to rapidly amass great wealth and perhaps start a rival guild. There unique skill set makes them highly sough after by                                 dungeoneers and explorers. 

Picks have an inherint ability to detect the power emitted by Ruathain.

Grey skinned tribal nomads from the wilds who specialize in survival and outdoor navigation. They carry the secrets of the land and of the old world gods. Mohani warriors carry Yamulka's, vampiric flint-stone hatchets crafted by the Boowa Shamans, using forgotten remnants of blood magic. Mohani have an natural affection for animals and an inherent ability to tame and even attract them as loyal companions.

Skilled Medics chosen and inducted into the secretive Order of Light. Having undergone initiation within the temple city of Light-haven. As vessels of the divine Light they serve the Order, never revealing their faces, having surrendered themselves to a higher calling. They are unique in that they can administer non-magical means of medical assistance to stabilize wounds as well as chanel divine light for more extraordinary healing effects. Gor this they are revered.

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