Friday, 19 April 2019

CoA Arc 1- Session Zero (Nightfall)

In the City of Nightfall as a strange comet lights the midnight skies in strange ominous hues a member of a great Noble House has gone missing.

Perhaps by reputation or perhaps out of desperation, you have been secretly summoned by the Lord of house Gormak, the mightiest of all the Orc clan houses of Akados.

Lord Toth, brother of the great General Skorn is in need of a small team who can navigate the city streets and find his niece who has gone missing.

He is willing to pay well for your discretion and has offered pardon for any acceptable crimes committed in returning her home safely.

With the 40 year war recently at end, and the uneasy armistice in effect, you found yourself out of a job. Not much work for a killer now. And so you use your skills from the war to scrape a living.

Ah the good old days. Heavy ammunition's and devilish infiltration. There is nothing like the sound of a city falling. Oh well, you manage to get by as an Investigator for the guild and have become damn good at what you do, perhaps to good.....

The Players

Shrub- Human, Ex- Sapper. Munitions expert. No wall has ever stood in his way.

Skulls- Orc, Ex- Inflitrator. Sewing distrust and chaos from within.

Both are believed to be dead, hung upon the gallows along with their units by the Imperium after the 40 year war.

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