Friday, 14 December 2018

Tsillodeed of 0

So I saw this amazing picture a while back by my now favorite artist Dirk Detweiler Leichty and immediately got this idea for an adventure which I ran that lasted a couple of sessions. Every time I see Dirks work I just cant help but want to game in a major way. 

If you want to see more he has a Kickstarter up for Silent Titans which I highly recommend anyone pick up just for the art alone.


Intro to Session 1:

In the one and old kingdom 
between Nowhere and goodbye
rumors have reached the Court of Broken smiles.
Disturbances most unwelcome to the ears of the court.

Tales of great tubes erupting from the earth, listening
 in the avoided lands of GLAM.
Indestructible and impervious to the magics of unfolding

And at such tubes the Clockmaker stands, 
as still as time un-moving, say the tale
mesmerized by what he doesn't hear 
as all time stops.

But who would dare venture to the lands of GLAM to investigate?

In secrecy the Bezzlin Darls, ancient Earls to the kingdom
contract those most strange , through whispered deals.

And one such group of miscreants sets out, with a curse in tow.

They are tracers cursed each evening at the stroke of midnight to re-trace their steps
backwards through time 
and in so doing re-act in the past.

But it is there they hear the organ played
as the Tsillodeed of 0 returns.

And calls those who would hear, to him.

How shall they proceed?

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Tsillodeed of 0

So I saw this amazing picture a while back by my now favorite artist  Dirk Detweiler Leichty  and immediately got this idea for an adventure...