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Friday, 11 May 2018

(COF) Session 2: Shitty Pants & Detonating Heads

After the Halfling Assassin Shadow scouts the bandit camp from the heights of a tree she makes her way back to the party to inform them of what she observed. The Elvin Cleric Artigius decides to use himself as bait and lure the bandits away from the camp while the others wait in ambush. After a botched ambush where the party had the upper hand the Cleric Artigius is impaled on the end of a bandits sword while Shadow watches as her intestines spill out of her yielding stomach while she catches the faint smell shit before being overtaken by darkness. Thankfully the Paladin Blue was able to slay the bandits and use his cache of healing potions to revive his comrades before they surrendered to death. Being so close to deaths door had changed the Cleri Artigiusc or perhaps brought out his true colors, for his Mace now hungered for the blood and bone of all those not willing to bow down to the Immortal God. After caving in the Bandit leaders head (detonating by Clerical standards) the halfling Shadow slapped the tied hostages around a bit before untying them while the party openly conversed about killing them.

After instilling fear into the hostages that they may become hostages once again or worse be killed the Cleric Artiguis, covered in blood from head to toe, attempts to convert the fearful hostages to becoming followers of the Immortal God.

Unable to escape and wanting nothing to do with the crazed, blood soaked Cleric the party decides to give a horse and rations to the hostages who turn out to be lovers on the run from their disapproving parents.

Having slain the bandits, taken their horses and goods and harassed some good innocent folk the party makes for Drakashaan arriving into the walled town as darkness falls. There the find and old man digging graves outside the walls of the town and are informed that two nights ago during the All Hallows celebrations Goblins attacked the town as the sun was going down, killing a dozen people and making off with all but two of the children.

The party finds out that the old man is Fargus the wizard the very same person that Boganathar tasked them with making contact with. He informs them that he has much to tell them and information that needs to be delivered to Boganathar but that matters shall be discussed in the morning for he had many bodies to bury.

After being insulted by Shadow and displaying a fraction of his powers to send Shadow into a realm of suffocating blackness, the party decides to lend aid to Fargus and help him bury the bodies before retiring at the local tavern. While deep sleep and wondrous dreams unfold for each party member horrifying screams rent the quiet night and the party is ripped from their glorious dreamt conquests to wakefulness forgetting for a moment where they are. As the waking world finds firm grip on the Cleric Artigius echoing whispers fade away like the voices of the dead in the wind.........

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