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Thursday, 17 May 2018

(COF) Session 3: Burning walls of fire and the God of Death

The party awakens to screams in the night and notice that Shadow in not amongst them.  Looking out the window of their second story room they see a stockade of oil barrels next to the Northern Gate and beyond the walls of the town something off in the darkness making its way towards the town under the cover of clouded night. As the clouds part from the full moon the party makes out an army of skeletal undead making its way across the barren lands towards the town. Just as things couldn't get any worse they take notice of a cloaked figure removing the security studs from the Northern gates and opening them outward. They quickly recognize the figure as Shadow before she appears to pass out sprawling on the ground in front of the now wide open gates.

The party carries Shadow to safety as the wizard Fargus summons the party to the ramparts above the Northern Wall. It is there while looking out upon the amassed skeletal army that they see a Dark Violet Flame appear off in the distance. The flame erupts from the tip of a staff revealing a hooded figure. As the figure raises the staff violet lightening strikes the flame from the skies above, fueling its growth.

Image result for violet wizards staffThe hooded figure slams the staff issuing the violet flame into the ground and a wave of violent energy issues forth tearing up the ground as it makes its way towards the walls of the town. As the wave ripples towards the town more skeletal creatures issue forth from the ground as the blast slams into the wooden walled barricade shattering and breaking the thick timbers. It is only through a wall of protection created by the wizard Fargus that the party and the towns defenders are spared.

More screams issue forth from the south of  town as four recently deceased bodies awaiting last rites and burial arise from the preparatory platforms behind the town temple and turn on the local inhabitants tearing away their flesh as they sink there teeth in.

After dispatching (detonating) the undead within the town the party turns their attention to dealing with the amassed undead army now nearly at the gates. The party carry two of the large barrels of oil up to the ramparts where Fargus ignites and casts the barrels out upon the front ranks of the advancing skeletal horde, setting them ablaze. After one more blast slams into the wall shattering timbers and weakening the defenses a weakening Fargus uses his remaining power to cast three large fireballs into the undead taking out more than three quarters of their numbers before succumbing to exhaustion and collapsing.

The party pour one of the last remaining barrels upon the dead, now amassed at the gates trying to get in and they go up in a blaze of flames along with the walls and the gate.

Seeing the violet flame appear yet again in the distance the hooded figure summons a large skeletal creature from the ground. As the six armed humanoid creature erupts from the ground and finds it feet it stands at full height well over 10  feet tall. It quickly drops down onto its many hands and carrying itself like an arachnid charges towards the now burning walls as a final blast from the hooded figure shatters the northern wall and gate to pieces, those upon its ramparts sent sprawling to be buried amongst burning timbers. It is here that Blue stands his ground instilling confidence into other to do so as well while Artiguis climbs to the roof of a nearby house with the local Cleric hoping to hide himself under cover.

While Blue fearlessly attacks with his flaming sword and Artigius launches himself from the roof for a devastating Ariel attack the large skeletal creature proceeds to tear the other defenders limbs from limb before meeting its end at the party's hand while Fargus is pulled from the rubble and carried off to safety.

While looting the bodies of the dead by the light of the burning town the last nearby barrel of oil explodes blasting Artiguis and Blue threw the side of a local home.

Having set the town ablaze and successfully arranged for the women and elderly to tackle the fires our party decides that with exhaustion setting in it is time to sleep, retrieving the unconscious Shadow and dealing with her would have to wait.

After resting Shadow returns to the tavern with no recollection of what has happened or where she has been and for the first time her arrogant confidence is replaced by utter confusion and disorientation. She tells them of a dream she had where she was continuously cutting the throat and gouging out the eyes of a large very evil being over and over again while it only became more and more powerful with each death suffered at her hands. With each death the words LET ME IN escaped the evil beings lips its whispered voice seeping into the core of Shadows very being.

After filling their bellies and speaking with Fargus, the wizard informs them that Shadow now carries darkness in her heart and has been touched by a powerful evil. Fargus also admits to not knowing who the hooded figure from the attack was but tells of how tales from long ago made mention of a wizard so powerful that he sought to become immortal, cheating death and in doing so became the very God of Death itself. The tales also made mention of how his power was granted through the acquisition of a staff he had acquired through penetrating the depths of the realms of Necros; the land of the dead. The staff of Necros had one common feature in all the tales, it pulsed with the power of a violet flame ignited in the very bowels of death itself.

Fargus agrees to cure Shadow of the evil darkness now seeded in her heart but only if the party agrees to venture to a local monastery about two days to the North to confirm if the monks remain unharmed or have suffered similar attacks as well. The Monks may also have information on current events since it seems the rumors that other villages on the borderlands have had their dead stolen and their children taken may now in fact be truth. The party is also to bring back valuable healing potions and herbs that the Monks make and keep in good supply so that they may be administered to the townsfolk. Fargus gives Artigius a small rod and tells him to only use it should they run into dire circumstances.

With a new task best them our party rests up and prepares to journey forth.......

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