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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Enchanted Weapons

The Void Dagger goes to Shadow
A liquid metal blade contained within a vial. Able to vary its length and shape while becoming solid. Can also be formed into a pick for locks.
+1 Magical blade

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Chaos Blades go to Blue
Two 12" blades attached by 20 feet of chain. Can be used as both melee and ranged weapons.
Once thrown the blades will return to the weilders hand.
+1 Magical Blades

The Giant Eater goes to Argus
A 2ft wide by 7ft long sword that is as light as a short sword
+2 Magical Blade 

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The Dead Staff is wielded by Artigius
+1 Magical staff and a source of  Necromantic powers

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(COF) Session 9: Shadowfell & The Library of Lote

Our party fly's back to the City of Xarl, taking to sky by night and resting by day. Upon return to Xarl they land the Giant bats just outside the Gates and a local farmer Frederick, an up an coming sheep skin fashion designer agrees to board the bats in his barn in exchange for the party delivering one of his sheep skin jackets to Boganathar. Blue agrees to delivers it and Fredrick's dreams of fashioning the rich and famous soar.

The party makes their way to Boganathars tower situated in the Northern quarter of the city and find a narrow stone tower surrounded by a lush garden. Various ecosystems seem to flourish with vibrant life in the garden, with different parts of the the garden even having different temperatures.

Upon entering the tower the party see a vast reception and dining hall that stretches on into the distance and are directed to take a mechanical lift up to the top floor where they will find Boganathar.
The tower itself extends upwards farther than the eye can see and as the party ascends they pass through cloud-filled sky's and countless stars that light the night before them.

Arriving at Boganathars study they inform him of the events in Drakashaan and he immediately makes plans to cut off the advancing horde at Trollvulgars pass. Upon seeing the change that has overcome the Cleric Artigius and the staff he possesses Boganathar tells them how he believes that Artigius has been touched by the Shadowfell.

The group are told about how realms both wondrous and dire, border our lands. One such realm being the Shadowfell, a world of darkness trying to break into the light of the Kingdom of Valor. They are told of how over 300 years ago the Cult of the Demon King Orcus purposefully created an opening to the Shadowfell and foul creatures of darkness flooded through the gate before the Empire of Nerath dispatched mighty Legionnaires to eliminate the threat. The empires heroes destroyed the undead, sealing the opening and built a great keep to watch over the location and the threat.

Over time peace followed and the ancient keep fell into ruins, its location all but forgotten to time.

Boganathar believes that the army or undead that the party discovered in Drakashaan may have been summoned from just such an opening. Paying the party the agreed amount for completing their task they are asked for further assistance and in return answers to Artigius's questions of what has befallen him. Blue takes the opportunity to inquire about the cat in the cage and is informed that it is a cursed cat and had the cat been alive when he attempted to remove it from the cage a dread curse would have befallen the entire party. Now obtaining the golden statue would be a puzzle Blue would have to solve himself.

Boganathar informs the party that what he does know is that in time Artigius will be consumed by a great evil that will devour his soul entirely if the proper ritual is not preformed and that the only book containing the ritual would be found in the fabled Library of Lote.

Boganatha tasks them with finding his apprentice Douven Staul last seen three months ago headed for a town called Winterhaven. Douven a rabid explorer of old ruins believed that he had a found a map  that revealed the location of a dragons tomb nears the town. Douven believed that the dragons hoard contained ancient maps that led to the Library of Lote, a repository for tombs of lost magic and Eldritch lore. Within one such tomb he believed was a spell that would allow one to create a gateway between the realms. As an avid collector of old tombs and scrolls he set out immediately.

The explorer should have returned some time ago and his continuing absence bodes ill. If the party can find Douven than they may just find the location of the Library of Lote and more importantly the book that would allow them to close the gateway that Boganathar now believed was open.

The lift returns to the study with a new guest, Marla of the Great Church and sister of Douven.
Marla has been studying the activities and history of various demon and death cults. According to Marla's research, witnesses saw a small group of Death Cultist travelling towards Winterhaven about a year ago. She has since learned that the head of this group is a dangerous and twisted Priest named Kalarel. What she finds most distressing is that Kalarel carried a long-bladed ritual dagger that glowed violet and those that actually glimpsed it claimed to have heard strange dark whispering issuing forth from it.

The party agree to the task and are sent to see the weapon smith Arn. Descending to the middle of the tower the party are each sent to separate cells to retrieve their new weapons and are told that the right weapon would chose them. Each member enters a dark cell only to have vivid hallucinations whereupon they are rewarded with enchanted weapons that have chosen to serve them.

With a new task at hand and with full supplies the grou fly off for Winterhaven. On the fifth day of travel as the sun rises and with the town in view the party land and tether the bats, leaving food for them and travel the remainig four miles by foot.

After a surprise ambush by a group of  within site of the town walls the group arrives, bothered that Kobolds would be so brazen as to launch an attack so close to the town........

Swords & Wizardry Complete

So the moment I have been waiting for has finally arrived. Having used S&W Light to introduce one of my groups to Table Top Role-playing they are now wanting to play the Complete rules and I have to say I was really hoping this would happen.

So now that we are going COMPLETE here is what they have to look forward to:

Monday, 2 July 2018

City of Brass: Epic Adventure for Swords and Wizardry

City of Brass: Epic Adventure for 5e and Swords and Wizardry project video thumbnail

Oh wow! I am so pumped for this. I backed this as soon as it went live on Kickstarter and cant wait to run this. As soon as I get this gem in my hands I will wrap up my home Campaign so I can run at least one of my groups through this. There are very few adventures I have dreamed of running and this is definitely one of them. Actually the funny thing is the only other adventures I was eagerly awaiting and dreaming of running were The Northlands Saga Complete and Sword of Air. Neither of which disappointed and have ruined all other adventure paths for me. Frog Gods Adventure Paths are the standard I now hold all other AP's up to.

I have my calendar marked and Christmas will come twice in 2019.

All hail the Frogs!

LEVEL UP!!!! 3rd Level

The Party returns to the City of Xarl and LEVEL UP!!

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Battle Bard Class (S&W Light)

Battle Bard (Thieve)  
Level         HD           Save          BHB                      Abilities                                              
1                  1               15              +0                         Battle Song
2                  2               14              +0                         Song of Healing Rest / Detect Magic
3                  2+1           13              +1                         Discord
4                  3               12              +1                         Warding Wind
5                 4                11              +2                         Cutting Words
6                 4+1           10               +2                         Bardic Inspiration
7                  5               9                +3                         Eldritch Sword

Special: You can use any weapon but can only wear leather armor and do not use shields.
Geat #1: Sword (1d6) dagger (1d6-1) and leather armor. Instrument of choice.
Gear Set #2: Dagger (1d6-1) Bow (1d6) leather armor. Instrument of Grant one ally within 30ft +2 to attack rolls and 2d6r Se temporary hit points until end of combat.
  • Battle Song: Once per combat you may sing an inspiring song granting allies +1 to attack rolls.
  • Song of Healing Rest: Party receives an additional 1d6 of hp after a full rest.
  • Discord: Create multiple copies of yourself/ally (1 copy per level) giving attackers disadvantage and granting advantage on attacks.
  • Warding Wind: A fierce wind surrounds you, attackers get disadvantage or unerringly strike for +2 damage if using wind to attack. Can also be used to lift you or object into the air 10ft/lv.
  • Cutting Words: Subtract 1d4 from an attack or damage roll of an enemy within 60ft. You can choose to use this feature after the creature makes its roll. It counts as use of Bardic Inspiration.
  • Bardic Inspiration: Once within the next 10 minutes, an ally within 60ft can add 1d6 to an attack roll or saving throw.
  • Eldritch Sword: You open a rift in the sky and call forth a giant sword of blood  that reigns down for 3d6 damage.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Shadow Mage Class (S&W Light)

Shadow Mage (MU) +2 Save vs. Magic
Level      HD         Save        BHB       1st Lvl Spells   2nd Lvl Spells   3rd Lvl Spells   4th Lvl Spells
1               1             15            +0                   1                      -                            -                      -
2               1+1        14             +0                   2                      -                            -                      -
3               2            13             +0                   3                     1                             -                      -
4               2+1        12             +0                   3                     2                             -                      -
6               3+1        10             +1                   4                     2                            2                      -
7               4             9              +2                   4                     3                            2                      1

Shadow Mages have no use for a spell book. Your body, mind, and spirit are suffused with the latent power of the Shadow realm that waits to be tapped. Gear Set: Staff (1d6 dmg) 2 Daggers (1d6-1) 
1st Level Shadow Spells
  • Shadow Armour- Range Castor, Duration: 6 hours [+4] bonus to AC
  • Darkness- Range 120ft, Duration 1 hour: The target of this spell produces darkness.
  • Read languages- Range Castor, Duration 8 hours: Read any non-magical language even ancient ones.
  • Shadow Familiar- Range 30ft, Duration 4 hours: Summons a small shadow familiar which aids in accomplishing small and simple tasks.
  • Dark Strike- Range 40ft, Duration Instant: You can call upon the shadows to strike an enemy for 1d6 damage.
  • Dark Bolt- Range 250ft, Duration Instant: A shadowy dart unerringly strikes a target for 1d6 damage.
  • Claws of Darkness- Range 10ft, Duration 1 min:You shape shadows into claws that grow from your fingers and drip inky blackness. You can make melee spell attacks with these claws that deal 1d6+1 cold and the claws have a reach of 10 feet.
2nd Level Shadow Spells
  • Shadow Ward- Range Touch, Duration Instant: Call upon a shadow to open or lock a single door, gate or portal.Locks both magical and mundane are unlocked and vise versa.
  • Shadow Pass- Range Touch, Duration 30 seconds: If shadows or darkness are present you may manipulate them to pass through a door, gate or window.
  • Invisibility in Shadow- Range Touch, Duration (See below): The target of this spell becomes invisible and cannot be seen as long as they remain in shadow. Can only be attacked if general location is know and attacker suffers -4 to hit. Spell ends if target steps out of shadows, attacks, casts a spell, or acts aggressively.
  • Dark Shield- Range Caster, Duration 2 turns: Summon forth a shield of shadow. All attacks against you have disadvantage.
3rd Level Shadow Spells
  • Summon Shadow Hounds- Range 60ft, Duration 6 Rounds: Three 1HD Shadow Hounds appear and serve the caster faithfully each attacking for 1d6 magical damage.
  • Dark Walker- Range Touch, Duration 1 hour: You can walk on any surface containing darkness or shadows. If attacked during combat must make a successful save or spell ends immediately.
  • Hold Monster- Range 120ft, Duration 1 hour:The caster targets 1d4 creatures, which are completely immobilized (saving throw applies). The caster may also target a single creature, in which case the saving throw is made with a penalty of -2.
  • Impalement- Range 120ft, Duration Instant: Shadows erupt from the ground in a radius of 20ft impaling all in that area lifting them 10ft off the ground before shadows withdraw.
4th Level Shadow Spells
  • Shadow Walk- Range 120ft, Duration instant:
  • Shadow Door- Range 360ft, Duration Instant: Caster can teleport through shadow up to a visible location in range.
  • Commune with Shadows- Range Caster, Duration 3 questions: The Lords of Shadow grants an answer to 3 questions. The Lords do not like being pestered by mortals. Limit spell to once per week.
  • Gateway- Range 15ft, Duration 2 hours unless closed by caster. Opens a gateway to the Shadow-fell realm.
  • Conjure Shadow Titan- Range 140ft, Duration 1 hour: You summon a shadow titan, which appears in an unoccupied space that you can see within range. If you don’t issue any commands it defends itself from hostile creatures but otherwise takes no actions. (AC 16, HP 26, Attack+7, 2d6 Stomp,Shadow Boulder, Move 50ft.)

Enchanted Weapons

The Void Dagger goes to Shadow A liquid metal blade contained within a vial. Able to vary its length and shape while becoming solid. Can ...