Friday, 14 December 2018

Tsillodeed of 0

So I saw this amazing picture a while back by my now favorite artist Dirk Detweiler Leichty and immediately got this idea for an adventure which I ran that lasted a couple of sessions. Every time I see Dirks work I just cant help but want to game in a major way. 

If you want to see more he has a Kickstarter up for Silent Titans which I highly recommend anyone pick up just for the art alone.


Intro to Session 1:

In the one and old kingdom, 
between Nowhere and goodbye.
Rumors have reached the Court of Broken smiles.
Disturbances most unwelcome to the ears of the court.

Tales of great tubes erupting from the earth, listening
in the avoided lands, of GLAM.
Indestructible and impervious to the magics of unfolding.

And at such tubes the Clockmaker stands, 
as still as time un-moving, say the tales.
Mesmerized by what he doesn't hear, 
as all time stops.

But who would dare venture to the lands of GLAM to investigate?

In secrecy the Bezzlin Darls, ancient Earls to the kingdom
contract those most strange , through whispered deals.

And one such group of miscreants sets out, with a curse in tow.

They are tracers. Cursed one and all each evening at the stroke of midnight.
To re-trace their steps backwards through time, 
and in so doing re-act in the past.

But it is there they hear the organ played,
as the Tsillodeed of 0 returns.

And calls those who would hear, to him.

How shall they proceed?

Sunday, 21 October 2018

My Ruathian Campaign Trilogy is now at an end. (Or, how to game 3 nights per week with 3 different groups and start to burn out)

Well I must say it has been a great and tiring run. I have now completed running my Ruathain Campaign Trilogy. I have never gamed so much in my entire life, not even when I was in high school with all the time in the world. I was running up to three games per week, with three separate groups at that. I have to admit that I would not want to run three games per week ever again and certainly NOT three separate groups. It's a lot of work. All in all I would have to say that I had a blast even when I was burning out. Now that I have scratched my fantasy itch I will be focusing on my current campaign Almost and scaling back my gaming to once per week at most with the hopes of getting Almost into print. I really want a hard cover on my shelf, just so I can use it at the table.

Here is a quick re-cap of my Ruathian Campaign Trilogy.

My Ruathain Campaign Trilogy Part.1

 The land is torn as the once mighty Iron Wolves wage war against each other. But the most powerful of them all, Kashaan B'dark, has left the lands for the Exile and a mysterious island that has suddenly appeared. Believed to be the prison of the titan Wolf god, the oldest of the elder gods, banished long, long ago. You have been hired to track and find Kashaan and uncover his reasons for departure. But beware he wields Sentience, a weapon of unfathomable power. The old gods were believed to have been destroyed, but they weren't. They live on trapped in his blade. There are things far more terrifying than death.

 Ruathain Campaign Trilogy Part.2

The Master Crafter of the Delnoch, last of his race, has for hundreds of years been forced into creating terrible weapons of Sentience. Forged in blood magic and the forgotten art of Vistigian Runemancy. The reason for the Iron Wolves dominance. If successful in freeing him, he will trade his last and greatest secret in return. A map that points to the Swords of Nine Hells. Lost to eternity in the bowels of a mythical volcano. You will need to summon all their power and more if you wish to defeat the Army of the Iron Wolves.

 Ruathain Campaign Trilogy Part. 3

Travel 10,000 years into the future where you shall imprison the mightiest gods in Sentience and unleash them in a past that may already be lost upon your return. The threads of fate unwind as you sail the continuem-streams seeking the most powerful god of them all, TIME.

Lotto tickets & Dirk Detweiler Leichty

So once I wrap up my Almost Campaign I will be working on something lighter and more ethereal.
I just purchased two lotto max tickets and if I win I am gonna hire  Dirk Detweiler Leichty to do all the art and maps for my games for the rest of my life. For those that may not know about him, seeing is believing and you have to check out OSMA and the Worm and Silent Titans.

Seriously check him out and take a spare pare of underwear for your MIND cause it will shit itself.


Pure awesomeness, and now if you will excuse me I am going to go and drool all over myself while staring into some of his work.

Crimson Out.


I am currently in the motions of gathering all my campaign notes and dumping them into a blog so that I don't have to continue to hold onto notebooks that are completely falling apart. My goal is once I have enough material collected and organized I will publish something since I can't take a game seriously until I have a print version sitting in my hands. Preferably hardcover.

For those that are interested here is my current campaign:

Seek and activate the artifacts against which we batter our intelligence raw. Tear the Universe apart and gather the four chapters of The Opanatheds of Thek. The God engine must be built! A suitable prison body for Praxis-The Once Machine, ripped from Nirvana raw.

And summoned to LIVE

Who dares?

Tsillodeed of 0

So I saw this amazing picture a while back by my now favorite artist  Dirk Detweiler Leichty  and immediately got this idea for an adventure...