Tuesday, 31 March 2020

The Plains of Roke

The Plains of Roke consist of flat grasslands, with sharp stalks rising over 6 feet tall. The Plains are deemed sacred and the skins and hides of trespassers are staked out in the ground above the grasses to blow like tattered flags in the wind, a warning to all who would enter. The grass itself is thick and tall, and hides many things including entryways into sacred cairns and burrow-mounds beneath the earth. 

The Plains of Roke

Far below the Plains an ancient abandoned ritual site lies stretching into darkness. A dungeon deep, now inhabited by the Forsaken, followers of the Wyrm that have not yet been destroyed by the Ba'Roke. This place is cursed with petulance, for it is here the Consummation of the White Wolf occurred. No Ba'Roke are allowed to enter. It is forbidden.

A Forsaken follower of the Wyrm.

This is the Ancestral home of The Ba'Roke. Roaming tribes of shape-shifters that guard their ancestral lands with a devastating ferocity. They are followers of the White Wolf and invoke the old ways ways before the coming of the Wyrm.

To travel the plains one needs permission though it is not granted easily. If the Ba'Roke don't get you the wild Dire boars or deep sink holes just may.

The Nal'goth

The Nal'goth are an Old World Pantheon of Eldritch, god-like entities once known and worshiped throughout the Old World. As timeless as the Womb Realms themselves, their worship far preceding the coming of the Aghori and their newly created deities, ascended to godhood through the rituals of blood magic before the Conjunctions Of Fate. The dying Aghori blood gods now roam the lands imprisoned in tortured flesh; hunted by man, their true natures forgotten. While it is whispered that the Nal'goth live on, hidden throughout the world, far away from the eyes of man and civilization.

There are still cultist cells today dedicated to the worship of the Great Old Ones, operating in total secrecy less they be deemed heretics and burnt at the stake by the Heralds Of Lighthaven, and it's Order Of The Light.

Varkruul - The White Wolf
God of the hunt and wilds. Birthed from the first moon.

The Dark Whale Once Chained
The preserver of innocence. Eater of pains.
Called from a distant star.

A'Mok - The Raven King
Zulk of the Black Sun. Breather of shadows. The King of Roads.

Pa'Za'Zule - The Tentacled One
The Lurker deep below. The nameless one. Madness.

Priest Of The Tentacled One


Varkruul the White Wolf

The White Wolf is an elder Deity of the old world still worshiped throughout Almost. He is most heavily associated with the Ba'Roke tribes as they believe themselves to be direct descendants of the Wolf. Many still come to the borders of the grasslands to leave offerings to the Wolf's children in hopes of receiving blessings from the Boowa, great Shamans amongst the Ba'Roke.

Tribal tales told by the Boowa tell of how long ago The White Wolf battled a great menace from beyond the stars that sought to claim the Wolfs children and their lands. After a mighty battle the Great Wolf was victorious, his children safe. But he had become corrupted during the battle, infected by the Star Gods petulance, and so began the time known as the Consummation of the Wolf.

A transformation from The Great White Wolf into that of Varkruul the Welm of Wyrms. The Ba'Roke became divided and the tribe warred amongst itself. Those that chose to follow the Wyrm in turn became corrupted and nearing decimation fled into the Forbidden caverns far below the plains, while the Wyrm fled over the great mountain range known as the Spine of Pathos to return upon such a time as his transformation was complete,  his might fully established.

The Welm of Worms

Varkruul now sleeps. Recovering from the Consummation. To find his resting place one must pass the Spine Of Pathos and descend the endless steps through the Seven Visions- leading to his sleeping city. Locked within his ancient, alien, daymare vaults of hope he awaits his children.

d6 Encounters

1. Wreckage from a wood and metal ship which appears to have crashed from the sky. Completely destroyed and looted. Only unidentifiable debris remains.

2. A large stone torch rises from an intricate piece of stonework. It burns with a blue flame regardless of weather conditions.

3. A large protruding column with the face of a frog carved into it. There are damaged holes where the eyes once were.

4. They sky becomes overcast with thousands of crows migrating west, their screams are all that can be heard.

5. The remains of a humanoid creature with the head of a wolf.

6. A dog is following you. Starved yet friendly to any party member who decides to feed it. It often returns to it's owner. The hound is a trained thief.

Monday, 30 March 2020

The Veird

The Veird are a mythical race of multi limbed Minstrels who descend from First Song and derive powerful magics through mastery over the songs of night and day; the first magic. Mastery of the songs through their arcane instruments requires the ritual addition of grafted limbs as the instruments and mantric songs become more complex. 

There are stories told of Veird, so ancient and powerful that they are able to call forth long dead ancient cities into existence, so that adventurers may explore lost kingdoms and repositories of magic reduced to dust, long, long ago.

While most Veird harness the songs of creation their are those known as the Hell-Sung who have mastery over horrifying songs of utter devastation and twisted madness.

The Veird are creatures of legend and believed to haunt the ancient ruins of once great cities. 

Metal Mages

Metal Mages were once human Wizards who long ago journeyed beyond the Scrap Sea in search of the lands of the Tantrix, the noble machine race of the Metal Mountains. Seeking to learn the secrets of the Ordinance of Assemblance. Their obsession with the practices of Fictional Metal granted them exceptionally long lives making them nearly immortal providing them the luxury of time in pursuit of completely freeing themselves from the limitations of the flesh. The process of fully transmuting their bodies into metal has robbed them of all feeling and emotion. Know-one knows for certain the power that Metal Mages wield, only that they surround themselves with armies of assembled automatons and machine creatures and have re-discovered the knowledge of creating GOD Engines.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

The Legends Of The Ancient World Campaign Begins

Having wrapped up our Legacy Campaign and familiarizing ourselves with The Fantasy Trip rules I am now going to be running a Legends Of The Ancient World campaign, playing through the terrific Ancient World modules released by Dark City Games.

We will be continuing with the Characters we used for our Legacy Campaign.
The PC's. Mad Olly, Ylva and Captain Fuller
In our final session of the Legacy Campaign (re-cap here)  the players had awoken the fabled Mnoren Crimson Queen in an attempt to put and end to the upcoming war about to grip the city of Drazznappan. For there were ancient hidden powers working behind the scenes, powers that wanted to see the great city fall. Facing off against a forgotten demon God who stood guard over the Crimson Queens mausoleum the party are given the choice of life or death by the awoken Mnoren. Choosing life, the players retreated through a gate opened by the Crimson Queen and stepped into the world beyond. The players now find themselves in a foreign world, the world of Dark City Games, Legends of the Ancient World.

We will be starting our foray into the Ancient World with Orcs Of The High Mountains and then proceeding to play The Crown Of Kings and The Island Of Lost Spells. It is my hope to play through all the modules in the Ancient Legends series as an entire campaign.

As we play through each module I will offer up post session play-reports as well as a review of each module including highlights and thoughts from the adventures.

Each module will be played using only the accessories that come packaged with it, ie. the battle maps and tokens. It is my full intention to maintain the original spirit of the game by playing each module the way it's creators have intended it to be played. 

I personally am really looking forward to diving into these. I have purposely avoided reading them ahead of time so that I can run them as-is for my group and reap the enjoyment of playing along with them.

Onwards into the Ancient World!

The Plains of Roke

The Plains of Roke consist of flat grasslands, with sharp stalks rising over 6 feet tall. The Plains are deemed sacred and the skins and hid...