Sunday, 12 July 2020

The Order makes the leap to 3D

For the most part I have tried to remain true to the spirit of TFT by playing our games on the Megahexes that came with my Legacy Edition of TFT while utilizing the tokens as well. I even went out and bought another copy of Melee & Wizard for extra tokens for our games.

Experimenting with Grid Maps & Home built terrain.

I have been following Greywater Chronicles for a while now over at Bret Winters Swords Under Distant Suns blog and have been really inspired to start building terrain and painting minis for use in our games.

Below are the results from our game last Tuesday. The terrain is still not finished and longtime group member Softpawz is going to be adding a summoning gate with a large Cthulhu like entity being summoned through the gate with tons of tentacles. Once finished you will see a posting of it on the blog as I plan on using the finished piece for our Orcs of the high mountains adventure play-through.

Mini's and terrain built and painted by longtime member Softpawz.

The party descended below the streets of Daggermast to find and retrieve the lost Diary of Xavash the Mad. Finding his hidden laboratory they discovered that Xavash had transferred his soul into a metal Gear-forged body and had formed a pact with the Vampiric Gear Goddess, a pact granting Xavash immortality.

Saturday, 11 July 2020

Using Gridded Maps in your TFT game

So after playing the excellent TFT inspired Blades & Black Magic the group and I have decided that we would love to play more games using gridded maps. B&B provides the rules for playing with either Megahex or Gridded maps which is fantastic. While I absolutely love my Megahex erasable tiles and will be ordering more I have an extensive collection of amazing Gridded maps that I was using while running D&D 5e that I can now use for future TFT games.

Diagram for Grid based maps

(F) Front Facing
(S) Side Facing
(R) Rear Facing
Arrow represent the direction the character is facing on the map

What the order has been up to

Things have been a little quiet on the blog the past few months as our group has faced some challenges both in work and life. Some of us have really had to adapt to obstacles life has thrown at us. Sometimes gaming gives way to LIFE-ING.

Well in the midst of LIFE-ING I did manage to run a few Mini-Campaigns using three different rule-sets for a few members of the Order and our gaming club.

The Fantasy Trip logo

I ran a mini black powder campaign using The Fantasy Trip. I love that TFT has firearms rules. Some of the players really loved the the Magical Item Creation and Advanced Combat rules from Into The Labyrinth and could see them coming in handy for a long-term campaign, adding some real tactical depth while others who play a lot of board-games found the book difficult to navigate and some of the rules a little archaic and perhaps in need of some modern streamlining.

A Paladin In Citadel: Modern Microgames: Dark City GamesI ran a mini-campaign using the Legends Of The Ancient World rules available for free over at Dark City Games. Our group loves this rule-set and out of the three campaigns I ran this was by far the groups favorite. Not only is it elegant and easy to grok, it's also the easiest to just print up and hand someone when sitting down to play. In about 5 minutes I was able to hand out the rules and go over the basics using them in play. Within about 10 minutes we were literally rolling dice and starting the campaign. What we loved about this rule-set is we can add whatever we need for our campaigns without breaking the game.

For an upcoming campaign we will use the skill system from Blades & Black Magic while adding some spells from Into The Labyrinth. Streamlined and easy to use. Some wondered about the ability of this rule-set to hold up to a long-term campaign given the rules only take up 8 pages, but I saw this as a highlight allowing us to customize, and add material as needed. I always find it easier to add things as needed rather than remove chunks of rules from a rule-set.

Blades: Blades & Black Magic Book 1I also ran a mini-campaign using Blades & Black Magic. This book is absolutely packed with material and perhaps a few too many rules that we felt could  perhaps benefit from some streamlining. Blades is a great book and we absolutely loved the size of the book. So easy to slip into your pocket and take anywhere. There are a few things that really stood out for me with this rule-set as being absolutely fantastic. The first being the skills list, and the second how skills are handled mechanically. Our group really liked this system and want to use it for all future games if Im ok to allow it. Basically this skills work like this:  If your (I) Inexperienced in a skill roll 4/d6. If your (T) Trained roll 3/d6 and if your an (X) Expert roll 4/d6 and keep the lowest three. The group also really liked that you could attack and defend multiple times depending on their degree of training. I personally loved the Swords & Sorcery, high lethality, low magic style of play this book implies. It also comes complete with a Campaign world, Bestiary and an adventure. Now that is value for the $20 a copy will run you. We are really looking forward to Blades & Magic Volume 2 which will focus on Magic.

Going to be a BIG year for The Fantasy Trip

The Fantasy Trip logo

A recent TFT Report over at The Fantasy Trip site put a huge smile on my face this morning. 2020 is shaping up to be a great year for TFT fans and their is no sign of the releases slowing down. It is absolutely wonderful to see so much support for this game that I have grown to love.

Here's whats up next for the remainder of 2020

Hexagram #5
Ardonirane, a 72-page sourcebook about the city of the mighty Thorsz
A new playmat for this campaign. It will be Dyson Logos’ interpretation of Skarg’s Tavern from In The Labyrinth
Old School Monsters, a 64-page bestiary of some of our favorite creatures from D&D.
Megahex Tiles
The second book of TFT Adventures

And coming in 2021
TFT Bestiary
The T’Reo School, about an academy of combat magic
A second TFT Companion

I run a lot of homebbrew campaigns and I love me a good monster manual, and the one thing I have really been hoping for is a a hardcover Bestiary for TFT. Well now I get two. Fingers crossed they will be hardcovers.

Sunday, 28 June 2020

AWESOME Single-Page Dungeon Generator

This AWESOME generator by 'watabou' enables you to create a single-page dungeon, with notes, in one simple click.

I played around with it and it is absolutely fantastic! I will definitely be using this regularly.

An Awesome Fantasy City Generator

Watabou has created yet another treasure for GM's looking to quickly generate a city for their campaigns. This is an outstanding resource among his many that I highly recommend. Combine this with his Dungeon generator and you could generate both a home-base city and a dungeon in less than a minute for a night of TFT adventuring.

While I love my TFT Megahexes my group and I have been experimenting with using grid based combat maps as of late. We have so many awesome grid maps that it would have been a shame not to use them. The transition seems to have worked well and I will be doing a blog about using grid maps in the near future.

An example City that can be generated in seconds.

Tuesday, 14 April 2020


It is a bad omen when a murder of crows is spotted in the sky. Amongst those who know it is said that when conjunction magics express creation, swarms of crows will flood the skies arranging themselves into strange shapes, and geometric patterns, behaving erratically. Those that search for and hunt Conjunction Infants look to the skies following the crows. 

The Order makes the leap to 3D

For the most part I have tried to remain true to the spirit of TFT by playing our games on the Megahexes that came with my Legacy Edition of...