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Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Conjunction of Fates

So I have decided that before my groups launch into The Ruathain Campaign Trilogy  I will break them in with an introductory mini Campaign. Since some of my players are new to table top RPG's this mini campaign will be a great setting for them to get into the flow of things and develop a feel for gaming. The Conjunction of Fates will be in stark contrast to Ruathain in that it will be a high fantasy setting and the adventures played will be the catalyst for the events that launch The Ruathain Campaign

The Conjunction of Fates takes place in the world of Valor. A world chocked full of Dark Paladins, Minatour Kingdoms, Beast-borne Knights and high Wizards, all of whom quest for the fabled Orb of Continual Light. An orb believed to have the power to grant eternal life and to even raise the dead, returning them to true life.

The King of Valor is plagued with terrible nightmares of an amassing army of undead beyond Valors borderlands to the east, an area known as the Dragonsgrave. While the kingdom grows troubled by the growing rumors that graveyards across the land lay empty, their plots upturned, the bodies having seemingly vanished to the darkness of night. The King is concerned and seeks to know if there is truth to the rumors and his nightmares, and if so who leads this army. While the more worrying question is; what should happen if the Orb of Continual Light should be found? for its's power is far to great for the hands of mortals.

Valors high wizard Boganathar has been tasked with investigating the rumors and the area beyond the borderlands to the east. But unknown to the King is that the wizard Boganathar has it on good authority that an ancient tower long ago abandoned in the Dragonsgrave may now be occupied once again. But who would dare, for the last inhabitant before his disappearance 60 years ago was the dark Wizard Nopius, Boganathars very own brother.

The high wizard Boganathar has put out the call and now seeks brave adventurers worthy of the task at hand. Assemble your gear and form your party, for the adventure begins!

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

The 3 Adventure Paths I am most looking forward to running

In order, these are by far the three adventure paths I am most looking forward to running, and truly get me super excited to dive into. The Northlands Saga Complete is my new best friend. This book is glorious in every single way, and I put running this EPIC saga as one of the greatest things that could  happen to me in my life (spot #3) after getting married, and having kids 😊. It's Christmas every day when I crack this book open and I look forward to handing it down to my kids and their kids. This is a Frog God Games book after all, so it will probably hold up that long. Not to mention that the weight of this tomb is a workout in itself. I have developed bigger biceps just carrying this wonder around.

 Rounding out my top 5 would be Rappan Athuk and the Hills Canton material.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Some background on the Pathos setting

"The Chosen hear the call. Will you carve yourself in the hall of heroes or find your rest in the City of Bones. Is there memory in invention or invention in memory. A pondering in the eternal, faceless wandering of an ageless sleep. But the sleeper stirs and the beautiful dreamer awakes. Come to Pathos, here in my memory, in my creation."

The Empire of the Iron Wolves have conquered the lands of the Nal'Goth. Through the use of Viridian Runes; remnants of a lost race, they have destroyed and enslaved the Old Gods of the lands, imprisoning the mightiest into great weapons forged through blood magic and given sentience. Most of the races have been systematically wiped out in an on-going campaign to rid the lands of those that refuse to bow to the Banner of the Iron Wolf for mankind seeks the destruction of all Gods while elevating themselves as masters of their own fates.
But something now challenges the dominance of man. Gigantic beasts of shadow strike from the night skies destroying entire cities as new sinister magics stir in the veins of the land itself. Their is fear that perhaps not all the Gods have been destroyed and that the oldest and darkest of them now awaken to bring death and destruction to the Empires of man. The Boowa's; great shamans of the Mo'Hani whisper of the coming of the Dragon. Fear the songs of shadow.

The Effects of Pain Magic

This is what happens when one starts to fall into the clutches of Pain Magic and its side effects.
Magic in Ruathain is something to be feared and not called upon lightly. Doing so is to tap into powers unfathomed without the filter of proper mental and physical preparation. Magic users spend their whole lifetime training their bodies and minds to handle greater and greater depths of magic.

This Player Character was originally tan skinned with dark brown eyes. One can clearly see the way Pain Magic has changed him. He is now the victim of a pain addiction that requires some form of self inflicted pain daily. He has scarred himself, inserted bone under his skin, and sports multiple piercings all over his body.

The fact that he was playing a half blood Mo'Hani (the closest thing to an elf in Ruathain) and now is easily identifiable as a Magic User, leads to some very interesting role-playing scenarios. It will be very interesting to see moving forward the physical changes that will continue to occur for this PC and how it will play out in the game.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Countdown to the Rutahain Campaign Trilogy Begins

The Ruathain Trilogy Pt.1 (lv. 1-3

The Ruathain Trilogy Conclusion Pt.3 (lv 7+)
The Ruathain Trilogy Pt.2 (lv. 3-7)

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Pain Magic in Ruathain

What is Pain Magic

For my Ruathain Campaing Trilogy, Magic users are able to tap into something called Pain Magic. It is a magic that is called upon with no physical or mental preparation causing immediate damage to both body and mind and regular use can have dramatic consequences. With regular use of Pain Magic, magic users run the risk of becoming pain addicts and more than a few have fallen victim to self immolation while others curb their pain addictions through piercings, cutting, tattoos or other forms of self inflicted pain.

Magic in Ruathain is still an unknown and not very common. Those that wield it are both feared and admired. One cannot learn it, one is either born with the ability to use it or not. The belief in where it comes from and its workings differs in various parts of the land and amongst even those who use it.

In Game Use

All magic users can cast one 1st Level spell of their choosing as a Cantrip at the cost of HP.
But should this use of magic reduce them to 0 HP then there can be dramatic consequences.

A Wizard is about to be mauled by a Blood Goblin bearing down on him and only has 1HP left. The Wizard casts Magic Missle striking the Blood Goblin directly in the face. Since the wizard has been reduced to 0 HP, upon regaining HP he would roll on the following table

1.   Your eyes permanently turn a different color (Black,White, Red)
2.   Your hair turns completely white
3.   Black veins appear and stand out on your arms
4.   Your skin completely pales and is cold to the touch
5.   A strange marking appears on your body
6.   Next time you cast your Cantrip something strange happens

The table can be changed to suit your own game and the above table is only an example.

Saturday, 7 April 2018

House rules for Swords & Wizardry Light & The Ruathain Campaign


Wizards get one 1st Level spell as a Cantrip.
Cantrips can be cast at the expense of  1HP per casting. Each additional casting costs double HP.

Example: Wizard casts Magic Missile
1HP 1st casting
2HP 2nd casting
4HP 3rd casting

I have consequences for falling to 0 HP.

Ability Rolls & Skill Checks:

Using the Saving Throw roll and add you ability modifier to the die roll. If the total is equal to or greater than your Saving Throw you succeed. If something falls into class encroachment there is a heavy penalty to the roll and no ability bonus can be applied.

Example: Fighter tries flip an empty wagon for cover
Roll a d20 and add or subtract STRENGTH modifier to roll and compare to Saving Throw

Fighter tries to pick a lock (Class encroachment)
Roll d20 with -5 to die roll and compare to Saving Throw (Note: No ability bonus can be applied)

Character Points:

Are issued for good Role-Playing and a player portraying their character accurately. You can re-roll any die roll of your choice with your awarded Character Point. A maximum of one per player per session.

The player is playing a Bard and breaks into a song of hope during a hasty retreat from a pursuing Dragon. He is awared 1 Character Point for good Role-Playing

Or a Theif with Pyromania cant help but set fire to the local Tavern housing enemy mercenaries while they drink and swap stories of ruthless plunder. Player is awarded 1 Character Point for Good Role-Playing.

The Conjunction of Fates

So I have decided that before my groups launch into  The Ruathain Campaign Trilogy   I will break them in with an introductory mini Camp...